Traditional Christmas Drinks Across the World

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Christmas is a time of fun and enjoyment, a time when we see family that we don’t get to see often. It’s also a time when we enjoyed wonderful food and share gifts, and then there’s the traditional drinks. In the UK, we drink mulled wine, a wonderful winter warmer that leaves a satisfying feeling inside, and a variety of punch, often made with spices for that added kick. Sitting around a roaring fire with such a drink is a truly festive occasion, and one that everyone enjoys. That’s the UK, but what about the rest of the world? What are the chosen festive drinks elsewhere?

European Traditional Drinks

The traditional mulled wine and wassail that we drink in the UK has its origins in Roman times, and is drank also in many areas of Europe. Germany especially has many variations on this theme, and uses red wine and a selection of fruit, plus a shot of liquor of one’s personal choice. Imagine how warm that would leave you feeling! The Scandinavians have their own take on the theme, known as glogg, which is even more potent than the German version as it is often fortified with vodka!

Interestingly, the Ukraine has a particular Christmas Even tradition of drinking what they call Uzvar, and almost uniquely this is non-alcoholic. This is made from a variety of dried fruit, and is left to mull for a while before being drank as a traditional toast to Christmas. It is interesting to read how the traditional Christmas drinks across the world differ and, in many cases, also originate from the same source.

North and South America

In the USA Christmas is celebrated with some panache, and the drinks that go with it also. The Americans love their eggnog, a traditional festive drink made from eggs, milk and sugar, and served with either rum, bourbon or cognac. This delicious concoction is also now enjoyed very much in the UK, and is a truly special Christmas drink.

As would be imagined, the South American countries also have their own drinks for the festive season, as is explained in an excellent infographic created by money saving website My Voucher Codes. The Chileans enjoy a fabulous drink made from milk, vodka and coffee – served with spices – with the charming name of Cola de Mono, or Tail of the Monkey. In Puerto Rico, meanwhile, they drink an eggnog made with coconut, while the Mexicans prefer a rum based punch.

Enjoy Your Christmas Drinks

So it appears that, wherever you may be in the world this Christmas, you will enjoy a traditional local drink designed to warm you up for the winter. As part of the tradition of Christmas, drinking is a toast to the meaning of the festive season, so whatever you choose to serve – whether it is mulled wine or cider, or an eggnog cocktail – enjoy it, drink responsibly and have a great time!


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