The health benefits of drinking water

Posted on Feb 18 2016 - 1:59pm by Mike
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In 2016 I have tried be a lot healthier. One of the main things I wanted to try and do is detox my system and slim down by drinking more water, but being a lover of fizzy drinks and cordial I am finding water a bit hard to drink water over and over. I’ve started filling up a 2 litre bottle of water and having this at the side of my desk and drinking it throughout the day while I am in work.

Another thing I’ve tried to cut back on is the amount of caffeine that I am drinking on a daily basis. I was drinking 6 to 7 cups a day, and I decided to put a stop to this as well. Here is why:

So how did I cut out my caffeine, and solve the problem of drinking boring water and live a healthier lifestyle? Well, let me tell you how!

I did some searching on the internet for some recipes to make water that little bit more interesting and came across this recipe here from a company that produces reverse osmosis systems for domestic drinking water:

Let me show you some pictures about how I went about making this drink and I’ll give you a quick review of it as well.


Below i’ve chopped up 2 pieces of lemon for each glass, and chopped up a bit of ginger. I didn’t have the lemon grass that it mentioned as my local supermarket did not have it in stock.


I then boiled the ginger for 10 minutes, and added the lemon and a tiny tiny bit of honey to sweeten it up.



So I made this for Emma as we were both working from home, and we both loved it. It’s definitely a nice change from drinking water, and a nice alternative from drinking a lot of coffee.

What other water recipes have you tried? Have you tried the one featured in this post? Give it a go and let me know how you get on in the review below.

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