The Best Diet For People With Diabetes

Posted on Aug 4 2015 - 1:41am by FoodieMike

People with diabetes have to be very careful about the which foods they consume. Blood sugar levels are easily affected by what people eat. So, you need to research the topic if you have recently received a diagnosis. There are lots of books you can buy that contain recipe ideas and more. So, you shouldn’t have to keep eating the same meals. Use some creativity, and you can have a varied dining experience every night. On this page, you will find a list of food types that should be suitable. Just make sure you check with your doctor if you are not 100% certain. The last thing you need is to mess around with your blood sugar levels too much.

Homegrown fruit

There are lots of misconceptions about diabetes and fruit. Some people will tell you that eating it is a bad idea. That is because most fruit contains high levels of sugar. However, that is a myth. While you need to be careful how much you consume, fruit is essential for staying healthy. You can even grow your own to ensure you are not exposed to dangerous pesticides or chemicals. Try to eat fruits with low sugar content if possible. Lemons, limes, blackberries, and raspberries are always a top choice.


Most medical professionals say that vegetables are fine for people with diabetes. As with most things, you should never eat too much. Ideally, you want to fill around half of your plate with vegetables. That way, you will get your standard daily intake and stay healthy. Non-starchy products are usually best. So, you should get some corn, lettuce, and asparagus the next time you visit the store. The food experts over at Boggiatto Produce say that romaine lettuce offers the best benefits for people with diabetes. That is because it is known to help control blood sugar levels.



White rice or regular pasta

You should always try to consume foods that are packed with fibre. However, many of them could spike your blood sugar. So, you need to be very careful. White rice or regular pasta is perfect for complimenting your meals. Neither of them will cause ill effects, and they’re much healthier than potatoes. So, make sure you stop cooking chips as soon as possible!

Corn flakes or instant oatmeal

Breakfast time can be the worst for people with your condition. Everyone else gets to eat greasy bacon and sausages. You are often left at the table with a piece of toast. To mix things up a little, it’s worth mentioning that corn flakes and instant oatmeal are both good for your body. They do not contain much sugar, and so they won’t make you feel ill. Just make sure you use low-fat milk. The alternatives could cause you some problems.

I hope that information will make your life a little easier. There is nothing worse than getting ill because you’ve eaten the wrong foods. As you get used to dealing with you condition, handling your intake will become second nature. Until then, you need to think hard about everything that might pass your lips.


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