Hi there and welcome to Tasty Meals At Home, my name is Mike and if there is one thing I truly love in life, it’s my food! There is not actually much I won’t eat, besides raw tomatoes – YUCK! Raw tomatoes aside, I love my food and love experimenting and trying new cuisines and dishes.

This is the main reason why I decided to create and write this blog, because I have recently had my kitchen renovated and been trying to use it more by getting more into cooking than I have been in the past.

That’s not to say that in the past I would completely shy away from cooking anything from scratch, I just never did it as regularly as I do now. It’s also important because I am trying to eat much healthier food, by preparing and cooking all meals at home from scratch I can be completely sure I know what is exactly in them before putting them in my body.

Meals At Home may be a ridiculously simple sounding name for the blog, but it really is the most apt name I could come up with to explain in an instant what it was all about. Regular posts about the meals I cook from home.

I wanted to use the blog to share my newly begun exploration into cooking and throught that as well as being an interesting thing to write about, it would help me to stay motivated and continue to prepare and cook all my meals at home without taking many shortcuts.

It won’t just be the food I prepare and eat that I will be talking about, as I am a keen lover of gadget and gizmos, particularly kitchen-based appliances. Therefore, along with the recipes and pictures of meals I cook, I will also post review-style pieces about my favourite kitchen devise.

For instance, my blender is probably the most used thing in my kitchen, besides cups, plates, bowls and cutlery of course.

Well, I hope you enjoy joining me on my culinary adventures and I look forward to hearing from you – your thoughts on my posts or your own experiences cooking.

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