5 Delicious Sous Vide Meal Ideas

Posted on Jul 3 2017 - 3:26pm by Mike


Foolproof Dishes For Your Next Dinner Party

If you’ve never tried cooking with a sous vide machine before, you’ll be amazed at the results!

If you’re a cook who’s always keen to try new recipes and techniques, then you should definitely try to create some sous vide dishes. This method of vacuum packing food and then cooking it in water ensures that food is cooked evenly and retains all its moisture. The result? Beautifully tender food that’s full of flavour and freshness. Both sweet and savoury dishes can be cooked in a sous vide machine – it’s a very versatile way of preparing food. To help you plan a great menu, here are five of the best sous vide recipes out there.


Carrot and butternut squash soup is a great recipe to wow your guests with, as the natural sweetness of those vegetables will be intensified by the long cooking time. Simply cook all the ingredients bar the stock for four hours, then blitz, add the stock and heat! It couldn’t be easier.


Salmon is one of the best things to cook in a sous vide machine, as it’s a method that locks in an incredible amount of moisture and flavour, leaving it beautifully tender. Marinate it in oil and any aromatics overnight, then cook in your sous vide machine according to how much it weighs. If you like it a little charred, simply sear after cooking.


For carnivores, there’s no beating a bit of steak. Steak sous vide is a tried and trusted recipe that ensures even edge to edge cooking, just how you like it. Season your steaks, bag them up, and cook them, like the salmon, according to weight. After cooking, just sear them in the pan for a crispy crust. This is great if you’re catering for lots of guests, as the steaks can be finished just to their liking.


Vegetables really benefit from being cooked in a sous vide as of their colour and flavour remain incredibly vibrant. Carrots, a dinner table favourite, would make a delicious accompaniment to either the steak or salmon. Simply add melted butter to your carrots, bag them up and let them cook until beautifully tender. Simple but incredibly delicious!


Now, time for what you’ve been waiting for – something sweet! Creme brulee may not sound like a sous vide friendly recipe, but it really does work! Pay attention to how much water you need to put in your sous vide machine, as this will depend on the size of whatever you are serving the crème brulees in. When they’re done, leave them in the fridge to chill, and just brown five minutes before serving.

It’s time to get cooking!

So there you have it – five incredible sous vide dishes that, if you choose to make them all, would make up an incredible dinner party menu. Once you’ve got used to cooking with a sous vide machine, you’ll be amazed at just how simple it is, and how reliable the results are. So why not broaden your cooking horizons? Your dinner party guest will be incredibly impressed by what you serve up, and you’ll soon be the most popular host in town!

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