10 essential foods for optimal health and fitness

Posted on Sep 18 2015 - 2:14pm by Mike


Whether you’re a enthusiast or not, fitness is something that everybody seeks for. You perhaps do regular physical exercises, maintain a strict diet chart and lots more. Well they do really good. And what if you’re recommended with some magic foods that enhance your fitness level to an amazing extent?

Let’s talk about 10 foods that not only keep you healthy and fit, but also fuel up your body to get the best from your workout and to support recovery.

  1. Dried fruits – Rich in natural sugar, dried fruits like raisins, mango and apricots provide with a source of carbohydrate that works as an energy boosters. Besides they also contain fibre, phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and potassium.
  2. Milk – Along with hydrating water, milk is a very rich source of muscle-healing protein, bone-building calcium and refuelling sugar. Milk works amazingly in upping activity level. A glass of lukewarm milk during bedtime helps to drift off and lets you have proper sleep as it has the ability to enhance the functioning of sleep-inducing melatonin and serotonin.
  3. Sweet potatoes – Whether baked, mashed or in some other form, sweet potatoes are undoubtedly better and healthier choice than regular potatoes. Sweet potatoes are ultra versatile in nature; it contains disease-fighting beta carotene along with vitamin C, iron and fibre.
  4. Banana – It is a perfect fitness food which is unfussy, easily chewable, compact and rich in required nutrients. The peel of banana is even more nutritious as it contains more potassium as well as mood-enhancing serotonin and eye-protecting lutein. So it would be better if you can take the whole banana in the form of smoothie.
  5. Broccoli – Rich in free-radical-busting antioxidants, digestion-boosting fibre and different types of vitamins and minerals, broccoli alogn with other green vegetables like spinach, kale, green cabbage just do miracles. These green veggies are very good source of folate which is a natural-occurring folic acid that is good for heart health as well as expecting mothers.
  6. Tomatoes – It is a very good source of vitamin C. Tomatoes also contain an essential antioxidant namely lycopene that gives tomatoes it colors. This antioxidant is very powerful in preventing prostate cancer in men.
  7. Blueberries – Blueberries are often considered as superfood due to its high content of free-radical-beating antioxidants. These free radicals usually travel around body damaging cells which results in diseases and develops signs of premature ageing. These magic fruits are lower in calories than that of other fruits.
  8. Brazil nuts – Like other nuts, Brazil nuts are also good sources of fibre, vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are rich in selenium, a micronutrient and mineral that helps to keep immune system healthy and reduces the chance of developing heart ailments as well as cancer. Also, the ‘good’ fat in nuts helps lowering bad cholesterol level. But don’t consume too many nuts as they are high in calories.
  9. Cocoa – This is extremely nutritious, high in essential amino acids, antioxidants and magnesium. You can consume it as cocoa powder or nibs. Just sprinkle it on your fruits or yogurt and have it. You can also add it to granola.
  10. Salmon – This fish is a very good source of Omega3 that keeps heart healthy and reduces the risk of memory loss.

Life becomes more meaningful if you can maintain wellbeing and fitness. Try these superfoods and stay healthier than ever before. But for a change you can surely try Westin Gourmet occasionally.

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